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Retirement Shadow Boxes For Military Medals, Awards and Memorabilia

For retiring military personnel, one of the most personal moments is receiving a custom military shadow box that represents their service to our country. At Military Memories & More, we create high quality retirement display cases of different sizes and types to insure that our service personnel can display their accomplishments with great pride.

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The tradition, honor and pride for retiring military personnel in having their very own custom shadow box is certainly something to behold.

Having the box encompass their time in military service greatly helps those who are leaving the service to find new challenges in civilian life.

What Exactly are They?

Essentially, these types of gifts are presented to members of the military upon their retirement. The shadow boxes generally carry the awards and medals that have been earned over finished military display case for an Army Specialisttheir military service. Many times, people include the US flag and the flag of their military service along with their final badge of rank.

Of course, different items can be placed inside the frame display as well, which better depicts their time in the service. Such items can be more personal in nature and remind them of different events and places that they have traveled.

A Brief Look At The History

Originally, they were just simple boxes that sailors used when retiring from their shipboard service to carry their belongings ashore. An old superstition suggested that if the shadow of the sailor touched the shore before he actually set foot upon the land, he would suffer from bad luck. However, by carrying his belongings in a box, he could insure that his foot would touch land before his shadow did.

Why Should I Choose Military Memories and More?

At Military Memories & More, we create beautiful shadowboxes for retiring military personnel. Our unique custom designs emphasizes the service, character and pride we have in our military personnel who are now retiring from the service.

Our boxes include custom designed mat board cutouts to showcase the different items within the display case, which in turn helps set us apart picture of a military retirement display of a flag, medals and other itemsfrom our competition. Our shadow box ideas are constructed from high quality materials and is built to last, displaying the awards, medals, coins, flags and rank with pride for generations to see.

Our goal is to create a high quality custom shadow box display frames that are unique to each person, emphasizing the specific achievements that they have accomplished during their time in the service. While we stock various designs for purchase, we take the time to craft each one so that it fully represents the service of the person retiring from military duty.

We are a military family as well, so we take our role in creating unique shadow boxes seriously and craft each one as we would for a member of our family. We ask you to look at the various examples of the military retirement shadow boxes. At Military Memories & More, our goal is to create the best.

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